Job Snatchers TeamWed, 11 May 2022 8:36:00 PM

What will employers be looking for when hiring in the near future?

We all know that almost every single job position lately requires the skill and ability of knowing how to use and implement Microsoft Office and even Microsoft Word. 

Technology is the main source and power in the world in almost everything. It has reshaped and redefined work around the world. Even in the positions that don't call for high skills such as Security Guards it is vital to know some basic usage of applications on the phone or computer.

In the era of the rise of entreprenurship and small businesses, even the tiniest ones of them rely massively on data. Almost all firms are putting the perspective on skills over experience and job responsibilities progressively require skills and abilities like data analytics and basics of coding.

Soft skills are extremely important today whether its quick adaptation to obstacles and problems or thinking outside of the box occasionaly. Companies desperately look for candidates with actual leadership and good communication skills, but that is if these candidates can actually showcase these abilities inside the workplace. 

One thing that will differentiate the good and the greater candidates is the significance of creativity. This soft skill can be integrated into any work in any field these days and its the ultimate strategy to win over customers and out-preform competitors thus its a must to have in employees in this competitive age. 

All in all, this opens the floor to every job seeker let it be high level or senior level workers that want to keep their respectful positions and adapt to the new society or even undergraduates as all the online courses, internships, and trainings will kick of their careers to a great start and fill their CVs with much needed skills that are more valued than experiences as previously mentioned.

Job Snatchers TeamSun, 24 Apr 2022 9:23:22 AM

The hassle of looking for a job and how to be one step ahead

In this day and age almost everyone doesn't have much time on their hands.

Whether its school, college, work, or even our daily lives, time flies by without anyone noticing it.

For people that already have committments, it would be extremely arduous and tiring to look for jobs.

With committment comes punctuality and the key to keep your career steady is making sure everything is in place inside of your head

before it actually is in your hands. You have to designate an ample amount of time in your day to search for a job vacancy and you also have

to do it with a peace of mind to look into the details of the position you would apply for. ( job requirements, experience level, etc.) 

The best thing any researcher can do is document and coordinate his/her research. Take out a paper or write in the notes on your phone

the good job posting sites that you found, job positions that you view as suitable for you (write and review many times the answers of the job application if it's conducted online if possible), and any connections that you can link with and provide help for you when applying for certain jobs in certain companies.

Now I know some of  you might be wondering, how do I find these connections ?

Well if people become more aware about you online then you will be able to link with people that have similar interests faster.

If you don't have a LinkedIn account, then go ahead and create one this instant to start linking up with potential strong connections.

Whatever happens along the process of finding a job never lose your will or determination, you will find a job as it's only a matter of time.

Build up on those courses, take internships or train in workshops, and keep learning as knowledge is the most powerful thing in the world.

Job Snatchers TeamTue, 19 Apr 2022 8:01:29 AM

Should I design my CV only according to the job I'm applying for?

So, you are currently looking for a job that suits your experience and skills.

That's great, but you do realize that nowadays its very hard to find a single job in any industry really, right? 

You would grasp and seize the chance of any opportunity that comes your way knowing that, alongside the effects of the pandemic on all economies and chances of finding any jobs, there would already be hundreds of job seekers searching and trying to apply for any job they can find.

It's become easier to apply for jobs in this era of digitlization and mass technology as you can find many job posts on many job posting websites. Accordingly, people started to apply for multiple job vacancies in more than one industry as many fields of work might relate to one another and some individuals have worked in different positions throughout their careers.

Not only undergraduates, but almost everyone is taking up online courses on websites that let you gain various skills in a small amount of time and will grant you certificates after the completion of these courses like Coursera. Courses like these can help many individuals strenghten their capabilities and may even make them take a turn in their careers and change their current positions after completing two or three courses.

If you have numerous skills then why not showcase them in your CV? You should highlight them alongside your certifications and consider many positions when looking for a job, that way you will be prepared for any job opportunity and you will never miss on a chance that could be an important step in your path to success.

Also don't wait till last minute to update or even create your CV, you have to gather all your relevant work and shine among the top candidates !

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